Hair colors trends 2014

Two Tone Hair Colors 2014

Let’s break the monotony with multi tonal hair color. 2014 hair trends offer so many gorgeous colors and color combos that you will not get bored. From the greatest varity of color combos I have picked black and blonde color combo. Just imagine two most popular colors that are in a constant battle are now combined to make you rock.

two tone hairstyles two tone hairstyles 2014

celebrity two tone hairstyles blonde and black

Black and blonde color combination has so many times been chosen by celebrities and beaty bunnies. If we go back to the latest fashion shows we will find fanstastic examples of hair highlights where light is combined with dark. It is some kind of mysterious hairstyle where light is against dark. Whatever, black and blonde will always look hot.  Read more »

Best Celebrity Images for 2014

Still looking for something new and inspirational for new season? There isn’t better solution than getting a dose of inspiration from celebs. Here is a short list of the best celebrity images that includes new haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors for 2014. Hurry up to pick the one and celebrate New Year with brand new image.

Keri_Hilson_bob_haircut asymmetric_bob_haircut

Meagan_Good_short_haircut short_hair

There are so many beautiful haircuts that  you can even get confused in that variety. In order to ease the process you should first determine the image you want to have. Make sure you can pull off bold image or you would like to stick to classy designs.  Read more »

Winter Hair Colors 2014

All you beauty bunnies get ready for new season with brand new hairstyle and hair color. The list of 2014 hair trends has already been released and you can now choose the best one for you.

In previous posts I have represented several trendy hairstyles for 2014. Now it is high time to check out 2014 hair color trends that will offer you some dazzling colors for your transformation.

Winter_Blonde_Hair_Color Sandy_Blonde_Hair_Color

The palette of 2014 winter hair colors includes all natural shades for different skin tones and complexions. This palette includes mostly natural tones so let’s leave behind bright and innovative tones and stick to natural shades.  Read more »

2014 Winter Hair Colors

The list of winter 2014 hair color trends has already been revealed and represented to fashionistas. This list includes all the hottest shades that will warm up your cold winter days. If you are in need of some inspiration for your makeover, you can check out several examples from the following winter hair colors ideas.

blonde hair color blonde hair color 2014

brown hair color brown hair color 2014

Love icy blonde color? For this winter you can get one of those platinum and icy blonde shades that will turn you into real Snow Queen. Such daring color is very capricious so before going for bleaching you should be a 100% sure that you can maintain such tone. If you are not ready to devote so much time on hair care, you can begin your transformation with darker shades of blonde like golden or dirty. Read more »

2014 Celebrity Blonde Hairstyles

Blondes still rock and they still rule the world. You can easily become the part of this trend with just few steps but before going for hair coloring you’d better think twice. Hair bleaching is very serious decision and it can be fatal especially for those who have damaged hair. I offer you take a look at the best examples of 2014 celebrity blonde hairstyles and then decide which one will be more suitable for your personality.

blonde hair color blonde hair color 2014 blonde color natural blonde color

There are so many shades and undertones of blonde that you will simply get lost in that variety. In order to find the best shade for your complexion you should analyze your skin tone and find out whether it is warm or cool. This is the only way to find shade that will not make your skin look pale and dull.  Read more »

New Coloring Trends; Hair Chalk

Have you heard of new hair coloring technique? For the lovers of dramatic and vibrant hair colors I have great news; now you can experiment with all the brightest colors available without going for hair bleaching and without using dangerous hair coloring products. Innovative hair coloring product offered by L’Oreal Professional is HAIRchalk that includes palette of smashing colors that will instantly brighten up your look and totally change your dull hairstyle. Are you ready to plunge into new world full of joyful colors? Let’s get started.

muti tonal hair colorcelebrity hair color

torquoise hair colorrainbow highlights

Recently the popularity of hair chalk is growing in popularity and it has proved to be the best option for hair coloring especially for those who like to experiment with several tones. Hair chalk lasts less than semi-permanent hair color and surely even less than permanent hair color. Isn’t it great to have an opportunity to change your hair color in any occasion?  Read more »

Hair Color for 2014

If you dream about changes in your life, if are bored with your appearance, if you want to look fresh and glamorous, start doing all these from your hair! Change your hair color; especially because it is so easy in 2014, you have a great variety to choose from.

The color of your hair must be combined with your clothes, skin, character and be of good sense. This was not a secret. If you dream about changes in your life, visit your hairdresser and ask for good advice.

2014 auburn hair colorAuburn hair color 2014

If you want to make drastic changes in your appearance, you can choose auburn hair color 2014. It will help you to make your hair more beautiful. You have the opportunity to choose from the great variety of shades of this color. The light color will make your haircut look more sweet and warm. What about skin tones? This color suits everyone. The intense shades of this color will help you look more glamorous and get a chic appearance. The requirements are braveness and uniqueness.

Blonde hair color 20142014 Blonde hair color

Blonde hair color also has a lot of shades and it is rather difficult to find the one you really wish. Icy, ashy, golden and platinum blonde shades are read to appear on your hair. If you have short hair, you can color hues in light color and the underneath can be dark. It looks really cool. Women who are glamorous but girlie can choose ashy blonde. Golden blonde looks sweet and natural. Read more »