Funky Hair Color Ideas 2014

If you want to create funky and cool image and you have chosen the proper hairstyle, your image will not be complete without having funky hair color. Check out following trendy and funky hair color ideas for your next transformation.

hair colour 2014hair color 2014

Dying process can be rather dangerous, so if you do not want to damage your hair, you can add cool highlights to your natural color. You can color your hair at home, but you must be careful not to damage your hair. Or you can turn to pro hairdresser, who will create the desired image.

original hair color 2014original hair colour

original hair color 2014blonde hair color 2014

Block coloring can totally transform your look and create smashing image. So when choosing a color, make sure you choose the one suitable for your skin tone. The right chosen color and hairstyle will accentuate your strong and edgy individuality.

dark green hair colour 2014Cheryl red hair color 2014

pink hair color 2014purple hair color 2014

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