Men’s Retro Hairstyles

2014 is going to be the year of great contrasts. Hair trends include both ultra-modern and retro designs. We have so many times talked about women’s retro hairstyles and I guess it is time to check out what are the most popular men’s retro hairstyles chosen for 2014.

Modern-Retro-Hairstyles-for-Men short-mens-hairstyle

Short-Retro-Hairstyle Retro-Hairstyles-2014-Men

When it comes to women retro hairstyles we can mention numerous designs from retro haircuts to vintage up-dos but men have limited options to create retro style. The most popular one is slicked hairstyle that has been so many times seen on the red carpet and on the catwalk. 

The best way to style hair slicked is to get proper haircut first. It can be undercut with short cropped layers on both sides and back. Here the top is left longer and it can be styled in different ways. I mean if you have got undercut hairstyle you can wear it not only slicked but only tousled for less informal look.

After you have got suitable haircut you can now experiment with it. There is nothing complicated about styling retro hairstyle. The most important thing is high quality styling gel. More often stylists use hair gel with wet effect that provide hair with unimaginbale sheen. To get classy retro hairstyle you just need to comb hair back or to one side. Then apply styling gel on the comb and brush hair to spread the product. I am sure that you will have no difficulties. At last, make sure you have created hairstyle withtout flyaway strands. That’s all, your retro hairstyle is ready. You can wear such design for special occasions with classy suit.

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