Two Tone Hair Colors 2014

Let’s break the monotony with multi tonal hair color. 2014 hair trends offer so many gorgeous colors and color combos that you will not get bored. From the greatest varity of color combos I have picked black and blonde color combo. Just imagine two most popular colors that are in a constant battle are now combined to make you rock.

two tone hairstyles two tone hairstyles 2014

celebrity two tone hairstyles blonde and black

Black and blonde color combination has so many times been chosen by celebrities and beaty bunnies. If we go back to the latest fashion shows we will find fanstastic examples of hair highlights where light is combined with dark. It is some kind of mysterious hairstyle where light is against dark. Whatever, black and blonde will always look hot.  Continue reading Two Tone Hair Colors 2014

New Coloring Trends; Hair Chalk

Have you heard of new hair coloring technique? For the lovers of dramatic and vibrant hair colors I have great news; now you can experiment with all the brightest colors available without going for hair bleaching and without using dangerous hair coloring products. Innovative hair coloring product offered by L’Oreal Professional is HAIRchalk that includes palette of smashing colors that will instantly brighten up your look and totally change your dull hairstyle. Are you ready to plunge into new world full of joyful colors? Let’s get started.

muti tonal hair colorcelebrity hair color

torquoise hair colorrainbow highlights

Recently the popularity of hair chalk is growing in popularity and it has proved to be the best option for hair coloring especially for those who like to experiment with several tones. Hair chalk lasts less than semi-permanent hair color and surely even less than permanent hair color. Isn’t it great to have an opportunity to change your hair color in any occasion?  Continue reading New Coloring Trends; Hair Chalk

Celebrity Latest Makeovers

Celebrities very often go for image makeovers. This is one of the tricks to be popular. Time and again you may see posts about celebrity who has got a new haircut or hair color and that attracts attentions of millions of fans and not only. I want to represent you gallery of celebrity latest makeovers and may be you will find some inspirational images to copy.


I love Anne Hathaway and her image. No matter she has long and short hair her beauty is iconic for me. The latest transformation  that she made was new hair color. She got her dark brown hair color back that really matches her. Continue reading Celebrity Latest Makeovers

Gorgeous Blonde Hair Highlights 2014

It is time to have a breathtaking image with gorgeous highlights combined with your fairy blonde hair. Highlights will give a brand new look to your hairstyle as well as will create an illusion of extra volume and movement.

2014 Blonde Hair styleBlonde Hair 2014

Numerable styles of highlights will help you to create the style you desire. Whether you want to have natural or edgy and eye-catching look, you will find the proper style. If you want to create more natural looking hairstyle, choose highlights color, that will be two tones darker that your hair. Highlighted strands should be spread all over the head. Those who want to have edgy and bold image, choose highlights color, that will be in deep contrast with the base tone. Vivid colors like pink, purple, blue and red will create smashing style.

Blonde Hair HighlightsBlonde Hair Highlights 2014

Your colored hair will look healthy and glossy, if you use high quality hair care products .Shampoos and conditioners for colored hair will protect hair color from fading. Do not forget to moisturize your locks regularly to prevent them from frizzy effect. Continue reading Gorgeous Blonde Hair Highlights 2014

2014 Fall Sexy Hair Color Ideas

This season is full of vivid and sexy hair colors that are meant to highlight best features of any woman. One tone hair color as well as multi tone gorgeous style will help you to transform your image for the upcoming season.

Red Hair Color Trendsred_hair_color_trend

The first color to be mentioned is red hair color that is still popular this season. Natural tones of red as well as edgy and bold colors will create stunning and hot look. Copper or ginger shades will create natural and innocent look, while hot shades like fiery red or mahogany will create an image of lady vamp.

red hairred hair color

Continue reading 2014 Fall Sexy Hair Color Ideas

Glam Hair Color Ideas 2014

The best way to transform your image is to change hair color and wear party season trendy and glam hairstyle and hair color. Vamp up your locks with vivid colors, which will accentuate your strong and confident personality. Edgy colors like pink, electric blue, green and purple will create breathtaking image.

Glam Hair Color Ideas 2014Glam Hair Color 2014

Hair Color Ideas 2014glam hair color

Choose the style of paneling or have highlighted strands suitable for your hair length. Say good bye to one tone hair color and practice multi tone hair coloring, which will give a new breath to your casual hairstyle. Continue reading Glam Hair Color Ideas 2014

2014 Smashing Hair Colors

Prep your locks for new season by opting for brand new hair color. There isn’t better way to breathe life to hairstyle than new hair color. Thanks to wide palette of shades as well as hair dyeing techniques you will be able to create any unimaginable style. Just check out these examples of 2014 smashing hair colors and get ready for total makeover.

Hair colours 2014Blonde hairstyles with green highlights 2014

Hair color ideas 2014Alternative Hair Colors 2014

Never miss your chance to make a dazzling style statement with your image and glam up your look with trendy new hair color. Forget about dull and boring colors and break the monotony with vibrant hair color.  Continue reading 2014 Smashing Hair Colors