Best Celebrity Images for 2014

Still looking for something new and inspirational for new season? There isn’t better solution than getting a dose of inspiration from celebs. Here is a short list of the best celebrity images that includes new haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors for 2014. Hurry up to pick the one and celebrate New Year with brand new image.

Keri_Hilson_bob_haircut asymmetric_bob_haircut

Meagan_Good_short_haircut short_hair

There are so many beautiful haircuts that  you can even get confused in that variety. In order to ease the process you should first determine the image you want to have. Make sure you can pull off bold image or you would like to stick to classy designs.  Continue reading Best Celebrity Images for 2014

Winter Hair Colors 2014

All you beauty bunnies get ready for new season with brand new hairstyle and hair color. The list of 2014 hair trends has already been released and you can now choose the best one for you.

In previous posts I have represented several trendy hairstyles for 2014. Now it is high time to check out 2014 hair color trends that will offer you some dazzling colors for your transformation.

Winter_Blonde_Hair_Color Sandy_Blonde_Hair_Color

The palette of 2014 winter hair colors includes all natural shades for different skin tones and complexions. This palette includes mostly natural tones so let’s leave behind bright and innovative tones and stick to natural shades.  Continue reading Winter Hair Colors 2014

2014 Winter Hair Colors

The list of winter 2014 hair color trends has already been revealed and represented to fashionistas. This list includes all the hottest shades that will warm up your cold winter days. If you are in need of some inspiration for your makeover, you can check out several examples from the following winter hair colors ideas.

blonde hair color blonde hair color 2014

brown hair color brown hair color 2014

Love icy blonde color? For this winter you can get one of those platinum and icy blonde shades that will turn you into real Snow Queen. Such daring color is very capricious so before going for bleaching you should be a 100% sure that you can maintain such tone. If you are not ready to devote so much time on hair care, you can begin your transformation with darker shades of blonde like golden or dirty. Continue reading 2014 Winter Hair Colors

2014 Celebrity Blonde Hairstyles

Blondes still rock and they still rule the world. You can easily become the part of this trend with just few steps but before going for hair coloring you’d better think twice. Hair bleaching is very serious decision and it can be fatal especially for those who have damaged hair. I offer you take a look at the best examples of 2014 celebrity blonde hairstyles and then decide which one will be more suitable for your personality.

blonde hair color blonde hair color 2014 blonde color natural blonde color

There are so many shades and undertones of blonde that you will simply get lost in that variety. In order to find the best shade for your complexion you should analyze your skin tone and find out whether it is warm or cool. This is the only way to find shade that will not make your skin look pale and dull.  Continue reading 2014 Celebrity Blonde Hairstyles

2014 Stylish Hair Color Ideas

Check out stylish and trendy hair color ideas of this season and choose the one for your next beautiful transformation. Nowadays high quality hair dying products and hairdressers will help you to wear the desired color, so do not stuck in a rut and change your image.

hair color 2014hair color 2014

The main idea of this season is natural look, so choose the color that will be in perfect harmony with your skin tone and individuality. When talking about trendy color of this season, the most popular color is red and different shades of red color. Natural shades of red color like ginger or copper will beautifully complement fair complexion and will create innocent and feminine image. While fiery red shade will create an image of lady vamp.

red hair colourShort Hairstyle with Red Colour Highlights

Continue reading 2014 Stylish Hair Color Ideas

Gorgeous Blonde Hair Highlights 2014

It is time to have a breathtaking image with gorgeous highlights combined with your fairy blonde hair. Highlights will give a brand new look to your hairstyle as well as will create an illusion of extra volume and movement.

2014 Blonde Hair styleBlonde Hair 2014

Numerable styles of highlights will help you to create the style you desire. Whether you want to have natural or edgy and eye-catching look, you will find the proper style. If you want to create more natural looking hairstyle, choose highlights color, that will be two tones darker that your hair. Highlighted strands should be spread all over the head. Those who want to have edgy and bold image, choose highlights color, that will be in deep contrast with the base tone. Vivid colors like pink, purple, blue and red will create smashing style.

Blonde Hair HighlightsBlonde Hair Highlights 2014

Your colored hair will look healthy and glossy, if you use high quality hair care products .Shampoos and conditioners for colored hair will protect hair color from fading. Do not forget to moisturize your locks regularly to prevent them from frizzy effect. Continue reading Gorgeous Blonde Hair Highlights 2014

2014 Fall Sexy Hair Color Ideas

This season is full of vivid and sexy hair colors that are meant to highlight best features of any woman. One tone hair color as well as multi tone gorgeous style will help you to transform your image for the upcoming season.

Red Hair Color Trendsred_hair_color_trend

The first color to be mentioned is red hair color that is still popular this season. Natural tones of red as well as edgy and bold colors will create stunning and hot look. Copper or ginger shades will create natural and innocent look, while hot shades like fiery red or mahogany will create an image of lady vamp.

red hairred hair color

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