2014 Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Bob hairstyle is again trendy and it is again included in the list of 2014 hair trends. Surely you know all the advantages of bob haircut; if you have made up your mind to update your look for new season and you have decided to go for bob you should know some optional features of bob haircut.

Estelle_short_bob_haircut Keri_Hilson_tapered_short_bob_haircut

Kelis_short__bob_haircut Mary_J._Blige_asymmetric_short_bob_haircut

First thing to be said about bob haircut is low maintenance. Looking through the pictures of new bob haircuts you may think it is pretty hard to get similar look yet perfect length and layers will turn the styling process into a real fun. This factor is the only important one when it comes to haircut because women can no longer devote much time on hair styling. Well I guess you are ready to wear bob haircut and for a dose of inspiration I have prepared this collection of 2014 bob hairstyles for black women.  Continue reading 2014 Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

2014 Hairstyles for Black Women

Black women have already got their own fashion and they are already trendsetters in all aspects be it fashion, makeup or hairstyles. 2014 hair trends include so many beautiful hairstyles that have become popular thanks to African American celebrities so I decided to investigate 2014 hairstyles trends and find the best examples of black women haircuts.

Black Women hairstyles short haircuts

2014 bob haircut black women haircuts

Let’s begin with the most daring examples that have the highest rates this season. Short haircut is surely the first one as it reflects all the qualities modern women should have; short hair is sexy, bold very and feminine with a hint of masculinity that makes woman even more attractive. For 2014 black women chose short crop cut pixie. Such style will set you free from any type of styling options. This is the one that you can really wash and go.  Continue reading 2014 Hairstyles for Black Women

Smashing Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

You can be sure, that celebrities always choose trendy and hot hairstyles that  help them to rock the red carpet and keep all eyes on them. Here are some trendy celebrity hair color tips, that will make you look like a real diva.

Celebrity Hair Color Tips 2014Celebrity Hair Color Tips

This season celebrities are going darker, changing their blonde hair into hot brunette. If you have warmer skin tone, you can have block coloring and look smashing like Kim Kardashian, Courtney Cox and Kelly Rowland.

Audrina Patridge hairstylesErin Lucas long curly hairstyle

The most popular hair color, that suits all skin tones and the palette of shades will give you opportunity to have gorgeous look, is brown hair color. This is the best choice, if you want to have natural look. Be inspired by Audrina Partridge, Rachel Bilson and others who wear gorgeous brown hair.

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Easy-to-do Hairstyles for Moms

It is rather difficult to spend time on styling your hair, when you have to take care of your child. However, do not forget that you are a woman and you should have a neat and feminine look  on any occasion.  All you have to do is to find time in your daily routine to style your hair and have make-up.  So check out easy-to-do elegant hairstyles for moms and choose the one to have a beautiful and attractive look.

Easy-to-do Hairstyles for MomsEasy-to-do Hairstyles for Moms 2014

The most popular easy-to-do hairstyles are pulled up hairstyles, which are suitable for all hair textures. If you have medium and long hair, you can tie your hair in a ponytail or in an elegant ballerina bun, both styles are of low maintains and need few minutes to style.

Easy HairstylesEasy-to-do Hairstyles

If you want to have easy-to-do and at the same time trendy hairstyle, take a look at these stylish braided hairstyles. There are sophisticated styles of braids, but you can have simple style braid or French braid. You can have a braided ponytail or a loose side braid and you will surely look very hot and feminine. Continue reading Easy-to-do Hairstyles for Moms

Highlights Ideas for Black Hair Color

Women often choose black hair color to create sexy and mysterious image. However, this color is rather capricious and is not suitable for every skin tone. If you are eager to have this color, you can add highlights that will make your hairstyle look fabulous and smashing.

The color of highlight depends on the image you want to create. So check out highlights styles and colors for black hair and choose the one that will most suit your individuality.

blonde Highlights Ideas for Black Hair Colorblack hair color 2014

For seductive and hot image wear black color with fiery red highlights. Place the highlighted strands on the front part for more eye-catching image.

Hair Highlights Ideas for Black Hair ColorBlack with Multicolor Highlights

If you want to add flirty and glam touch to your image, add blonde highlights to your fabulous black color. Shades like platinum or caramel blonde will be ? beautiful complement to your style.

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