2014 Summer Ponytail Hairstyles

2014 hair trends represent whole range of super stylish and beautiful hairstyles that are meant to complete summer image and of the best examples is ponytail hairstyle. The following summer 2014 ponytail hairstyles include the newest designs from the catwalk and red carpet. Find out how to be on trend wearing ponytail hairstyle.


Ponytail hairstyle is one of the most popular up-dos that will always be trendy in spite of the fact that it is very simple and casual style. It is a perfect lifesaver from bad hair days still it is the most frequently seen hairstyle on the red carpet. So why is such simple style so popular?  Read more »

Two Tone Hair Colors 2014

Let’s break the monotony with multi tonal hair color. 2014 hair trends offer so many gorgeous colors and color combos that you will not get bored. From the greatest varity of color combos I have picked black and blonde color combo. Just imagine two most popular colors that are in a constant battle are now combined to make you rock.

two tone hairstyles two tone hairstyles 2014

celebrity two tone hairstyles blonde and black

Black and blonde color combination has so many times been chosen by celebrities and beaty bunnies. If we go back to the latest fashion shows we will find fanstastic examples of hair highlights where light is combined with dark. It is some kind of mysterious hairstyle where light is against dark. Whatever, black and blonde will always look hot.  Read more »

Celebrity Hairstyles from 2014 People’s Choice Awards

Annual People’s Choice Awards already took place and we can now relax and enjoy those luxurious celebrity images from this red carpet event. As we are talking about hairstyles let’s find out some of the best celebrity hairstyles.

The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards - Red Carpet peoples-choice-awards-2014-3

Britney-Spears--2014-Peoples-Choice-Awards celebrity styles

Just like other red carpet events 2014 People’s Choice Awards was full of unforgettable images. Luxurious dresses, accessories, hairstyles, celebrity makeup everything was perfect and those styles will surely become iconic and they will surely be copied and recreated for many times. Read more »

Luxurious Hair Accessories

Girls love hair accessories, especially those with shiny stones and massive ones that are meant to decorate party hairstyle. Nowadays there are zillion styles of headpieces and every season popular brands and designers offer new even more gorgeous hair accessories. You can spend hours searching for new accessories or you can look through this collection of luxurious hair accessories.

topshop-gold-crown-de topshop-band-de

asos-bun-holder-de new-look-headband-de

First one that I want to show you is Dolce & Gabanna headband. Actually it is gorgeous tiara with semi-precious stones that was represented on the latest fashion show. Such style will decorate party up-do or even wedding hairstyle. Read more »

Wedding Hairstyles from Movies

We all love romantic movies and we have so many times got inspiration from heros. Now I want to show you several popular wedding images from movies that you have probably seen more than once but you have never thought of copying them.

First one that I want to show you is Sarah Jessica Parker’s extraordinary wedding image from The Sex And The City. I think that no one had thought to wear a bird on head. Alongside with such daring hair accessory and dress she wore classy slicked up-do that made her eyes even more accentuated.

wedding updo celebrity wedding image

celebrity wedding hairstyles Keira-Knightley-Love-Actually

Surely you remember Keira Knightley’s image in Lova Actually. She looked so beautiful and ethereal on her wedding with simple up-do, face framing strands and lovely hair accessory that was in harmony with her wedding dress.  Read more »

2014 Summer Hairstyles

We have already celebrated new 2014 year and we are getting ready to new season with brand new images, styles and innovations. Coming spring and summer is going to be hot with new designer collections, makeup trends and surely new hairstyles offered by trendsetters. Now I want to show you several new hairstyles from the latest fashion shows that are going to be popular. All those hairstyles are created by hair gurus and they are definitely worth to be considered.

summer hairstylesmermaid hairstyles

ponytail hairstyle low ponytails

For the beginning I want to show you mermaid hairstyle that was chosen by several hair stylists. Mermaid style is actually beach wavy hairtsyle. The reason why it is called mermaid style is cented parted and a bit slicked style. You will look like you have just come out of the water. The best way to get similar do is to create two big braids and leave overnight. Read more »

Summer 2014 Curly Hairstyles

Let’s make winter days warmer and more joyful with a little trip to summer. This selection of summer 2014 curly hairstyles will take you to the center of a party full of bright images and lights. Are you ready for a trip? Keep your beauty kit by your hand and learn how to glam up your look with minimal effort.

new curly hairstyles Alexa-Chung_glamourous curls

natural curls curly up-do

2014 summer hairstyles are divided into two types; vintage and more natural. Both vintage and natural curly hairstyles look awsome and they are both suitable for any occasion. Let’s consider some of the best celebrity curly hairstyles that will inspire you to create picture perfect look.  Read more »